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The Rescue Game

A Novel

David R. Martin


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When their father, Army Green Beret Sam Walker, is held captive inside a military academy guarded by vicious teenage military cadets, three adolescent girls who were trained since they could walk in martial arts and combat must use their skills to rescue him.  As the girls go further into the academy to reach their father, their opponents get bigger and more terrifying, but the girls' gradually discover that their years of training have made them even better fighters than they know.


Jess (age 17), Faith (age 15) and Cate (age 10) are normal adolescent girls--except that they have been trained since birth in combat techniques by the best fighters in the world.  But as skilled as the girls are, can they ever hope to defeat dozens of burley teenage boys armed with dangerous weapons?  The sisters must rely on their skill, their brains and their trust in one another if they hope to succeed.


A fast-paced action and adventure novel, The Rescue Games, introduces three new heroines.  Jess is a tall, strikingly beautiful, world-champion martial arts fighter with unshakable self-confidence. Jess had begun to doubt the direction her life had been given by her strict and demanding father.  But when his life is in danger, Jess will use her skill as a fighter and her astonishing strength and athleticism to lead her sisters to rescue her father.  Faith, a slim, pretty blond never took to martial arts the way her sisters did, preferring the distance and detachment of archery, but her smart, tactical instincts and skill with a bow will guide them through harrowing battles with the cadets holding her father captive.  Cate, an adorable little acrobat who seems to defy gravity with her gymnastic ability, wields a special fighting staff that makes her more than a match for the boys threatening her and her sisters.


The sisters battle waves of hulking and dangerous teenage cadets as they search the military academy for their father.  As the battles become more dangerous, the girls discover that they have special abilities they never knew they had.  The girls begin to wonder how they can do some of the superhuman things they are suddenly capable of doing.  The adults in their lives have been keeping a dark secret from the girls.